Monday, March 14, 2005

Jean Marc Goiran was involved with an award known as GoldenFoot, and he is listed as being involved with Public Relations, working for World Champions Club.

Searching on World Champions Club doesn't bring about much, but searching on the names of the others named as being part of WCC, particularly Patrizia Pighini redirects to the World Champions Club website.

The "Team" tag on that site brings up biographies of those involved - Antonio Caliendo, Pighini, and Patrizia Pagliani. Caliendo is a football agent and one of his clients is a certain Ramon Diaz. Clicking on the "Services" tag brings up the first strand of their business which is "club advice". This section is nicely illustrated with lots of pictures in and around Loftus Road.

So, there we have it. Rumour and supposition, probably - but there's a solid link between these bods and Diaz/Goiran.

As an aside, Goiran is the President of the Monaco Sub-aqua Club, and Treasurer of the Monaco Asia Society.

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