Wednesday, September 28, 2005


L'homme desirée

Ramon Diaz may be gone from Oxford, but he certainly isn't forgotten. Several reports today suggest that he is a strong contender for the newly vacant manager position at AS Monaco, for whom he used to play. Didier Dechamps quit last week, and former Manchester United defender Laurent Blanc was the favourite to land the position. That was until Monaco resident Diaz expressed his interest. Despite having won the Argentine title five times with River Plate, it was heartening indeed that all the press reports (or at least, all the English press reports) refer to Diaz as "former Oxford manager", obviously knowing which is the Big Team, and with whom Diaz would prefer to be associated.


Tuesday, September 27, 2005

There have been some fun and games going on down the road, as the Swubdub board finally saw sense (they must have been prompted) and gave Andy King his marching orders. Of course the sense didn't last too long as they appointed reserve team manager Iffy Onuora as his temporary replacement. The options for Swobalob are interesting, and there are two out-of-work managers who we would happily recommend for the post, with Graham Rix having recently been joined by Ian Atkins as manager-without-portfolio. Atkins may not be such a bad choice for Swibble, as it happens, as his brand of firefighting might be just what is required to rescue them from the relegation mire. Even if that were to happen, though, we can't help but think that with the type of football that Swurble fans would have to endure it would still be worthwhile.

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Friday, September 23, 2005

Hot on the heels of one ex-United manager losing his job (Ian Atkins yesterday) comes the news that Plymouth fans must have been dreading. If there's one person other than the mumbling Brummie who you wouldn't want anywhere near your club's players, it's ex-Green Slime man Dave Kemp. Guess who Argyle's new manager Tony Pulis has named as his assistant. While Kemp's appointment has been greeted with acclaim as far afield as Exeter and Torquay, Plymouth fans are less than enthused with the news, and are already anticipating the almost certain relegation that is bound to follow. Kemp's record when he was in charge of Oxford is less than impressive, by the way.

Former United loanee midfielder Jamie Hand has joined former United manager Mark Wright at Peterborough on a one month loan from Watford, leading to a plethora of "Lend a Hand" type headlines that even Rage Online would be too embarrassed to publish. Hand has yet to play for Watford this season, and his move to Posh leads to the inevitable conclusion that he can't be that good anymore.

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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Some interesting snippets today, not least of which is the removal of Ian Atkins from his managerial duties at Bristol Rovers. Not sacked, mind you, just removed from his post while remaining on the payroll. Rovers almost certainly can't afford to pay off Atkins to the end of his contract, and he will doubtless hang around the Memorial Ground like a bad smell until a deal can be negotiated, or he finds another job, a bit like Graham Rix at Oxford (except without the "other job" bit). When Oxford fans stop laughing, they might reflect that the downside to this is that, like Mansfield sans Carlton Palmer, Rovers might actually improve and start to challenge United's claim to mid-table obscurity.

Another story of tangential relevance to Oxford fans concerns the fate of former butterfingers goalie Paul Kee. The tall Ulsterman was appointed as manager of Limavady United in June, and took charge of his first Irish Premier League game last Saturday. However Kee (pictured right) ended the game facing assault charges after referee Alan Black accused him of making physical contact and verbal abuse. It looks like crosses aren't the only thing that Kee drops.

An interesting story from the Guardian's Fiver e-newsletter about womens' football in Pakistan. The first ever womens' national championship is taking place this Friday, with the players having to wear long-sleeved shirts and baggy trousers so as not to offend the sensitive dears who might be unfortunate enough to glimpse a sliver of feminine flesh and so find themselves condemned to an afterlife of hellfire and purgatory. No unaccompanied men will be allowed to watch the games, apart from one male coach per team, presumably eunochs. Eight teams are taking part.

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Welcome to the new-look Rage Online weblog. Resurrecting this useless piece of internettery is something that I've been thinking about for a wee while, but it was the demise of the excellent BlogOx that persuaded me it ought to be done sooner rather than later. I really, really hope that other people will contribute to this, as it can get quite time consuming trying to think up different items of rubbish to post on a regular basis - an issue that I suspect had something to do with the death of BlogOx.

One thing that this blog isn't is an Oxford United news portal. See Rage Online or even a half-decent site if that's what you're looking for. Instead we will post up stuff about the wider world of football (and occasionally beyond), especially the lower leagues, which hardly get a look-in elsewhere. We will also take any opportunity available to have a dig at our favourite betes noires (namely swindon town, the political right wing, religious nutters, and arseholes everywhere). Of course, we will try to be subtle about it .

Anyway, as you can see, the first post of the relaunch is just a load of aimless uninteresting waffle; a standard that we hope to be able to maintain in the future.

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